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Adventist Education At A Glance
Adventist Education is the second largest denominational educational system in the world.
US, Canada, & Bermuda
K-12 Schools : 915
Universities : 15
Teachers : 4,699
K-12 Students : 55,704

Schools : 6,709
Teachers : 65,679
Students : 1,254,179

From the global span of the Adventist educational system to your child's desk, our schools exist to prepare young people for happiness and success on this earth and a glorious life in the world to come.

Adventist education is so much more than the rigorous academic standards and high student achievement for which we are known; it is fostering a faith in God and a respect for all, building characters that will stand firm in a world of compromise. It is nurturing independent thinking and promoting a lifetime of service over selfish ambition.  It is training young people for service to the world and to the church.

*2003 NAD Statistics

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