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True Education

The Bible is the master textbook, and God is the pivot around which all true education revolves.  


Our ideas of education take too narrow and low a range.  There is a need of a broader scope, a higher aim.  True education means more than the pursuit of a certain course of study.  It means more than a preparation for the life that now is.  It has to do with the whole being, and with the whole period of existence possible to man.  It is the harmonious development of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual powers.  It prepares the student for the joy of service in the world and for the higher joy of wider service in the world to come.  Education, p. 13.


Therefore, True Education is:

  • God-centered, Spirit-filled, Bible-based education
  • Focused on restoring God's image in man
  • A preparation for this life and the life to come





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