Mission Statement & Philosophy

Mission Statement

The goal of this Christian academic program is to assist in the preparation of the student for this life and beyond and to ignite and sustain love for God and excitement for learning.  


Our Philosophy

In accordance with the Word of God, we regard the body as the temple of the Lord and the mind as the abode of the Holy Spirit. We strive to foster an environment conducive to ensure our students grow in their relationship with the Lord as He completes their character development.

We are competitive with any educational program in the humanities, the arts, physical education, mathematics, and science. Since Christians expect to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth, our educational program goes beyond mere academics. With respect to our faith, we consider ourselves to be copartners with the parents and the church in the fulfillment of the most important role entrusted to humanity—the raising of our children as reflections of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our talented and dedicated administrators, teachers, and staff are committed to presenting our students with academic programs designed to challenge their bodies, minds, and hearts, enabling them to realize their highest potential. To this end, we encourage Christ-centered development socially, academically, physically, and spiritually.

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